Tuesday, May 16, 2006

amazing race, season 9

this was actually attached to the end of the previous post, but it was getting long, so i sliced it off and am posting it today.

the amazing race is wrapping up! with this show, i think i wouldn't mind if any of the current teams won (i hated mojo, and they're gone). okay, mebbe i would mind a little bit. the dumb guys shouldn't win. one of them is pretty cute, but he's such a jackass, i can only imagine he'll use the money to get chicks, and that's not okay. i'd be okay with ray and yolanda getting the money cuz i like them, except that i don't expect their relationship to last. obviously, long distance it was okay cuz they didn't have to be with each other 24/7, but i think it's clear from the trip that they'll only get on each other's nerves if they lived in the same city. so i guess that leaves the hippies, two of the most resilient contestants on the amazing race in a while. the power of t'tow clearly favors them, and i can imagine the money going to some good causes were they to win it. like more funny hats.


V.J. Civic said...

I don't know what happened but I kinda lost interest in the Amazing Race. I loved the second and third season, but tuesdays are not that great to have this show.

Let's see if I join the bandwagon again for next season.

Andy said...

as with most reality shows, i only really like it when there are either hot or gay contestants on it. this season, the gays lost early on, and there weren't really any hot guys, but i stuck with it. the hippies won, and i'm happy with that.