Thursday, May 11, 2006

i should be studying now

okay, so i was at a coffee shop today, studying with some friends, and in walks this reasonably cute guy, with his track jacket, jeans, and pumas. i catch some eye contact with him, but i dunno if it was just incidental (did we just happen to glance at each other at the same time?), cuz you kno, sometimes that happens. he sits down and he goes about his business. the person in the next table over that i'm facing has left, and so there's a free space there. in a little bit, the cute guy moves to this table and we are sitting basically face to face with two tables between us. at first, i think it's cuz there's more light at this table. for the next couple hours, i would get frequent, if intermittent eye contact with him, and i didn't kno what to think. of course, it finally occurs to me that we are being very loud sometimes (they were girls, forgive them), and that he's probably just trying to glare us into being quiet. but then, even when we weren't being loud, he kept looking over. so really, i didn't kno what to think. well, this is what i think. i think if he wanted us to be quiet, he should have come and asked us if we could do that. and i think that if that wasn't the case, he should have come and talked to me anyways, cuz he was cute. either way, i suppose i enjoyed exchanging brief stares. isn't this so totally missed connections tho? "coffee shop in the u district. you, cute. me, studying with friends (loudly). i noticed you looking over a lot. did you just want us to shut up or was there something more? wish i'd asked you in person. chai, sometime?"


V.J. Civic said...

In my case, the majority of the time I get stares by guys I just think it is that... innocent glances. There as some cases, though, that I truly believe it was a missed connection and then I blame myself for not making the move.

I love you missed connection statement in the end of the paragraph.

--see ya later

Andy said...

yeah, what was so ambiguous about this one was that he was really obviously looking at me. he didn't look away when i saw him doing so, and the eye contact lingered longer than if it was just incidental, at least after he sat down across from me. i just couldn't decide if he was annoyed at us or not. sometimes, i wish i could just throw caution to the wind and talk to random cute boys, but i'm too terribly in fear of embarrassment and rejection. it's something i have to work on.

V.J. Civic said...

Same thing here, but I am trying to work on that because I don't want rejection to become too much of an excuse.

You live and you learn! Next time, just do it. For me, that's easier said than done, LOL.