Wednesday, August 31, 2005

the longest 15-minute bus ride

oh my god, what the fuck. typhoons really suck. even tho those two sentences rhymed, they are still completely true. when school was going on, it was alrite, cuz we got days off, but now that there is no school, it seems like an awful waste of a day. then, i was fine with staying home and doing nothing for an entire day. determined not to let talim ruin my wednesday, i set off into the city. the way there wasn't so bad, but...

the traffic on the way home was absolutely horrible! fuck you talim! we literally moved a meter every five minutes (hey, look i'm using the metric system!), and if you kno the buses of taipei, they can't brake normally. no matter how fast we are going or how little distance we've traveled, when the bus driver brakes, he makes all the contents of the bus lurch forward, like the passengers and my just-full stomach. i felt so fucking sick after the bus ride. bleh! but really, that was a combination of the constant braking and the sight of the really gross-looking guy sitting in front of me. he literally looked like he was wearing a set of very ill-fitting skin, kinda like buffalo bill from silence of the lambs, but even nastier. i dunno if it was a disease or if he had been horribly disfigured in some accident, but i wanted none of it. not only that, he kept running his hands thru his ugly hair, as if he was trying to poof it up, over and over and over again, and it didn't do anything, and then he'd pat it down and start all over again. it was driving me crazy, and i wanted to tell him to stop, but i didn't want him to spread his skin disease onto me.

however, the most exciting part of the ride was when our bus was trying to change lanes in front of another bus. the driver of the other bus started honking cuz it looked like our bus was going to scrape up against it, so i turned to look to see if we would make it. we didn't. our bus went up against the other bus and crushed its rite side mirror. at this, the other bus driver became enraged and did what any furious bus driver would do: hold his hand on the horn to create an annoying and continuous honk. our bus driver opened up the back door and stormed out and began yelling at the other bus driver, who also yelled back. this exchange went on for a good ten minutes or so, but i couldn't understand any of it, cuz it was all in taiwanese. it was so heated at one point, i thot the other bus driver would get out of his bus and there'd be a hand-to-hand between driver of route 648 and driver of route 905. imagine if 648 called all the other 648 drivers and 905 called up his posse. there would have been some serious trouble. as it was, after they were done arguing, our bus driver closed the door and drove away as quickly as possible. either he was afraid of 905, or he was afraid of the angry honking drivers behind the buses who were on the verge of forming a mob and maul 648. just kidding, taiwanese people love to watch a good fight. they were captivated and didn't realize their way was blocked by two buses.

in the end, the entire bus ride took just over an hour. keep in mind, it's usually a 15-minute bus ride. it's a good thing i brot a good cd to listen to. or i could have died. really.

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