Sunday, August 14, 2005

i can't help but...

i went ktving for the first time since coming back to taipei for a classmate's birthday, tho i think we had more fun than her. she ditched out on us to go see wilber pan perform live in ximen ding.

it was another classmate's last day, so we went out to room 18 for some fun. honestly, i don't remember much of the nite, except all the shots i took of various mystery liquids of many colors. afterwards, i think we went to swensen's, and i think i got bacon and eggs. there might also have been hash browns. i also remember heading back home (home being the hotel) a little bit after daybreak. when i woke up, i discovered i'd also stolen salt and pepper shakers. you can't find enuf uses for those little things. i think we all had fun. i miss hanging out with her already.

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