Sunday, August 07, 2005

adventures at the lava bar

friday nite, we checked out the lava bar, which, like room 18, was in the neo19 building. it was pretty nice, but the music wasn't as good as 18, and there weren't quite as many people there. after several jack and cokes, the nite becomes a little hazy, but i was told i grabbed too many girls' asses and almost got into a fight. well, whatever. it's all in good fun, rite? i do remember someone breaking my umbrella tho... "you don't knooo!"

the day after, i spent some time with a classmate and his friend with a heavy hangover and went shopping at the various malls and department stores in taipei. in the warner village area, we managed to see huang yida and thousands of little fangirls, while he was there for a signing event. afterwards, some pop star girl whose name i don't remember was also there for a short performance, all to promote some online computer game. after that i went home for a desperately-needed rest.

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