Sunday, August 28, 2005

dirty old drunks

so on the train home today, this unusually stumbly guy got on. he wasn't entirely red like a lobster, so i didn't immediately assume he was drunk, but i should have, cuz he was. at first, i watched him "accidentally" run into a girl while the train lurched to a stop, and then a guy pulling him away and giving him a stern "stop it" look. at first, i thot they all knew each other, but soon realized that they didn't, when the girl went to another portion of the subway car and the stern look guy's girlfriend told him not to get involved. he started making gestures at a young couple (they must have been in highschool) and then trying to push them together. i think he was trying to make his own amateur porn? i dunno, but he was really creeping me out, and i could tell my friend was feeling the same. luckily for my friend, he got off the subway pretty early on.

what made it all worse was when mr. drunk started glancing over at me. i tried to avoid eye contact and pretend i didn't see him, but he started tapping me and trying to pull me towards him. i was like "what are you doing?" to him, but that only elicited more from him. he started pointing at a girl near the door and tried to push me toward her. i backed away and looking for support, turned to the guy next to me, who said to me, "he's drunk." to which i responded, "i know." really? was he drunk?

not wanting to deal with him anymore, i moved to another subway car. by that time, someone had alerted the security and a security guy came by to handle him. i didn't kno what happened exactly, but i think he made the drunk guy sit down until the next stop, after which he escorted him off the train. it was all-in-all a very uncomfortable situation, but at least he didn't kill me. rite?

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