Tuesday, April 04, 2006

law building stop-and-chat

i ran into a highschool classmate in front of the law building. a lot of my highschool classmates seem to be at the law program here at the u. i hadn't seen him since we graduated, i'm sure, which was almost six years ago. it was another one of those slighty awkward conversations (the dreaded stop-and-chat), but i didn't pay attention to much of what he was saying because i couldn't help but notice that his skin was really dry. the guy should invest in a bottle of lotion, if anything, for his own dermic health.

also, these people always ask me, "what are you up to?" and i kno they mean, "what do you have going on rite now in terms of the big picture?" but i always answer it as, "what are you currently on your way to do?" so instead of talking about being in school, i said, "oh, i'm on my way to the library to print out something." i'm sure he found that enlightening.

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