Monday, April 03, 2006

edison chen

as many of you might already kno, this is edison chen, canadian-born hong kong pop star. i don't like the way he sings (or "raps"), and his acting is sub-par at best, but none of that matters. boy is hot! he's always seemed like an asshole to me, and from what i hear, that's not terribly far from the truth, but i still can't deny it. boy is hot! here's a pic of his balls (unfortunately, they are only tennis balls) from the same spread in february's taiwan men's uno. he's appeared in a bunch of movies since i first saw him in gen-y cops, and if you watch hk cinema at all, i'm sure you've seen him too. i'm not sure i'd go see a movie just cuz he was in it, but it doesn't hurt. not at all...

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