Thursday, April 06, 2006

bank boys

the wells fargo bank on the corner of 45th and the ave has always been relatively good to me in terms of the quality of boy. i've been going to that bank since it was a first interstate, tho i don't remember the boys there then. anyhow, early in my college career (i don't think he was there when i was in highschool), there was a boy who worked at the bank named nels, and he was fucking hot, in that tall, chiseled, abercrombie frat boy kind of way. i remember liking his silly ties. needless to say, i always went into the bank to do my business, and almost never conducted transactions via an atm. i especially enjoyed casual fridays, when he would dress down give us a different view of nels. he worked there for a few years and then stopped. i still miss having such a hot teller when i go to the bank.

of course, over the years there have been other cute boys, but i can't say any have matched up to him. altho recently, a new gay boy has started working there. he's dressed fabulously and i love his hair. i haven't had him help me yet, as the last time i was there, he was helping a woman who couldn't understand english (with a dumbass next to her repeated everything the cute boy said to her in ENGLISH), which took entirely too long. but if he's just started then he won't disappear so fast, so i'll have a little incentive to go to the bank now.

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