Saturday, February 04, 2006

oscars, best animated feature

i love watching movies, and i like the oscars too. you may have heard that the nominations were announced this past tuesday, and while most of them were given, there were a few surprises here and there. as i always do during this time, i start watching all the movies that were nominated, so that i can get a good feeling for what's really good and what movie was just campaigned to death. i think i did pretty good this year in that i'd already seen most of them, but there are a few of those best actor and actress movies i never bothered to see. anyways, i thot it would be fun to make my own picks. let's start simple (tho i'm sure everyone knos what best picture nominee i thot was best).

it's a young category, but i like it. animated movies are usually so much fun to watch. you can do so much wacky stuff that's just not possible in the realm of live action. pixar has won two out of the three times it was nominated in the four years since best animated feature film (tho i thot monsters, inc was better than shrek in 2001), but there is no pixar movie this year, so who will win this year? howl's moving castle was an enjoyable movie, and i love miyazaki's movies usually (spirited away ritefully won in 2002 for this category), but the story was weak and didn't make that much sense, and the happy ending was so sudden and baseless, one wonders why the rest of the story was worth telling. the world was well-shaped and i liked all the little miyazaki touches to diana wynne jones's story, but that doesn't automatically make it a great movie. corpse bride was short and simple. the animation was great, most of the jokes were pretty funny, and i even enjoyed the music. i liked it, but i didn't feel like there was all that much to this movie, compared to the other two. i think it's obvious i liked wallace and gromit in the curse of the were-rabbit the best. it was hilarious from start to finish and well-imagined. there were so many small details that were put in for careful watchers. i enjoyed this movie immensely and want to get the dvd for my little cousins so that i can watch it again with them. i think this category is no contest. wallace and gromit is way better than the other two.

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