Wednesday, February 08, 2006

oscars, best adapted screenplay

a good movie usually starts from a good script, and some great scripts are based on previously existing works, so here are the nominees for the best adapted screenplay oscar.

i'll say it again. i enjoyed all these movies. well, except for the part in munich when they intercut a scene with avner having sex with his wife with the massacre in munich. what was that about? mebbe i just didn't look deep enuf to get the real meaning behind it, but i think i'm okay with that. other than that, tony kushner and eric roth wrote some fantastic back-and-forths about faith and revenge and that sort of thing. unfortunately, i didn't feel like it was put together in the best possible way, so it's not my favorite. a history of violence was good, and some of the characters were written very well by josh olson, but i didn't feel like there was anything particularly special about it (except for mebbe them). enjoyable, yes, but best? probably not. dan futterman's capote script was good, and i think it has the most to do with the best qualities of the movie, but parts of it still just didn't connect for me. i felt like there was just a little bit lacking. i really liked the constant gardener, but i think it's missing a nomination. yes, it may just be a great adaptation by jeffrey caine, but where's a director's nod for meireilles? i felt like most of what was best about this movie was the direction, and yet no nom. boo! anyways, i don't kno why i just went thru all that, cuz of course i loved brokeback and hope it wins in this category (as well as others). it's remarkable how larry mcmurtry and diana ossana turned a tiny (tho very wrenching) proulx short story into something bigger while retaining exactly everything that the story had been about. so many things went into making brokeback such an amazing movie, and the script was definitely part of it. go brokeback!

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