Sunday, January 22, 2006

conversation at dinner

someone brot up the fact that one of her friends was getting married, but the friend's mother was disapproving of the guy that the friend was getting married to, since she was a real bitch and didn't really approve of anyone or anything. then it was mentioned that the friend's brother had gotten married without telling the mother, because of what a horrible bitch she was.

anyways, my mother turns to me, and says: "is that why you haven't told me about your girlfriend? because you're afraid of what i'll think?" (note: i don't have a girlfriend.)

and i respond: "yeah, that's rite. my girlfriend is black." (note: i love people of all colors, but many traditional chinese people don't.)

she says: "i wouldn't care. your mother is very progressive, you kno?"

i say: "oh really? are you now?"

she says: "yes, as long as you aren't gay."

i say nothing in response to this. i take another swig of wine.

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