Saturday, July 30, 2005

room 18 revisited

the last time i was at room 18 was about four years ago, i think. at the time, it was situated at warner village and it was a pretty nice place, if a little expensive. now, it's moved down one block to the neo19 building rite next to warner village. the set up is still good, a big dancefloor for hip-hop/r&b in one room, surrounded by tables and a long bar, and then a loungier area in another room where mostly techno and remixed pop are played while people sit around the tables there, which surround the bar in that room.

since i had gotten pretty wasted the nite before, i wasn't sure if i wanted to go out again, but after a little rest, i was feeling restless once again.

i met up with a bunch of classmates there and partied the nite away. the cover was pretty unreasonable at 700 nt, but then we got a punchcard type thing with 800 nt worth of drinks on it. a beer, shot or well drink is 200 nt, with some cocktails and stuff getting up to 350 nt ($10 drinks, are we in new york or what?), so if one were to want to get trashed, one would probably just get 4 shots. i ended up getting a well drink first and finding out that it was weak-ass, so i used it as a chaser for the shots i took.

it was a really fun nite, even tho afterwards, when i went home, my cousin had deadbolted the door to our apartment, cuz he thot i was in taoyuan, so after explaining to the security guard that i really did live there, i laid down on the couch in the community room to nap until my cousin woke up... in the heat and the humidity (yes, it gets really hot at 7 am).

well, i guess it gave me time to chuckle about how i knocked a guy in the head on the subway with my own head when i dozed off on the way home. whoops!

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