Friday, July 29, 2005

like a sophomore for the very first time

i hadn't gotten that drunk on a school nite since 2002, i think. the dorms sure were fun, weren't they?

last nite, after hitting a bar (roxy jr. cafe on shida road. don't be fooled by the name; it ain't a cafe) with my classmates to do homework (oh yes, the best place to do homework is where there's plenty of drink...), i went to another classmate's hotel room (his family owns it, so he lives there. spiffy, huh?) with a bunch of other classmates and got trashed playing drinking games. i think it's the perfect icebreaker to get drunk with people. i don't think i can really be great friends with someone until we all get trashed, reveal our innermost secrets and then embarrass ourselves in front of each other. that didn't happen last nite, but it was still fun... mebbe because i ended up in bed with a cute boy. not that anything happened.

today, we only had two people in the class, including me, excluding the teacher. there are a total of five students in that class; two of them went off on a school-sponsored field trip to the beaches of kenting; and then one of them skipped to go shopping with her mom. class with only one other person besides the teacher, hungover and exhausted is not fun, but i think we struggled thru it nicely. i still can't believe the teacher didn't just cancel class tho.

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