Saturday, July 16, 2005

please die, taiwanese news media

this morning, i woke up and turned on the news. a news report on harry potter! great! i can see if they said it sold out yet or what... first headline printed on the screen: *note: harry potter semi-spoiler follows* "harry potter hits the market! _____ dies!" WHAT!?! WHAT THE FUCK!?! WHAT KIND OF RESPONSIBLE NEWS MEDIA ORGANIZATION WOULD GIVE AWAY THE CONTENTS OF A BOOK NO ONE'S READ YET!?! the answer is no responsible news media organization. taiwan's news media sucks! i hate it! but wait, there's more! second headline: "_____ dies! killed by _____!" OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK!?! i can't believe it. i absolutely can't believe it. it's just too stupid! i was almost okay with knoing who died before i read the book, cuz, you kno, i don't kno who killed him, but no, the taiwanese news took even that from me. i'm absolutely disgusted! DISGUSTED! i'm warning any tv reporters over here, that if i see them on the street, i'll punch them in the mouth.

and now, i'm off to secure a copy before the typhoon hits so that i can sit inside and read all day. not that i'll enjoy as much as i could have, stupid news.


Reddish said...

Argh.. Soo stupid of them!

Andy said...

for serious! it ruined all the suspense for me.