Thursday, July 27, 2006

no shit

so, the news broke yesterday that people magazine's new cover story was that lance bass of *nsync (yeah) was a gay. to most of us, this came as no surprise, because honestly, i'd already figured he was gay back in 1998 (yeah), back when i had that crush on young justin timberlake (remember the 'tearin' up my heart' video? remember jt kneeing on the bed in the wifebeater, singing, "i am down on my knees; i can't take it anymore" and then "tearin' up my heart and soul, we're apart, i feel it too; and no matter what i do, i feel the pain with or without you"? mmm... yeah). but you kno what's really on everyone's minds? who is this amazing racer reichen, lance's "stable" boyfriend (i give them another half year at the most... yeah), that everyone is now jabbering about? the gays all kno reichen very very well, but it's clear that not everyone does. not that i pay much attention to stats and everything, but i did notice an 8-fold spike in the hits yesterday, most of which were people looking for pictures and info about reichen.

i have neither! i just wanted to comment on the fact that it sure took lance a while to make it official, that a lot of people are interested in reichen (this must be great for his "career"... yeah), and to reiterate that reichen is motherfucking hot. and i wanted to poke fun of sexy back (yeah).

first darren hayes, formerly of savage garden (we all saw that one coming too), and now lance. who's next? when's the gay backstreet boy going to do it? i guess if it took lance eight years, then we won't expect anything out of clay aiken for another ten.


Jesus H, Christ Esq. said...

At this rate, Oprah is going to be the only famous person who likes vagina.

Alan said...

I'd be much more excited if it were Justin than Lance.

Just saying.

Andy said...

i think i had a dream about that. justin, not oprah.