Friday, July 21, 2006

hey, isn't that...

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i was at scarecrow video the other day, where i was going to meet a friend. well, he was stuck in traffic, so i had a lot of time to browse around. i went to virtually every section to look around, for things to rent another time. it never really occurs to me to go to the sexploitation (read: porn) section, because i don't really ever rent porn, but i was bored, so i went in to look (i hope that doesn't sound like some sort of excuse or justification, because i am not the least bit ashamed of my interest in watching hot naked boys fucking each other. those who kno me, kno that i love my porn).

i'll be honest, it wasn't a very good selection. mostly older stuff, mixed in with some newer stuff here and there, but i didn't see much released after 2003. i didn't think there was anything interesting there, until of course i saw a little row of videos generically titled, "seattle something something boyz" (i.e. "seattle college boyz," "seattle navy boyz," et cetera). hey! i thot. i wonder if anyone i kno's been in any of these. so, i looked at the backs of all of them, and to my surprise, i did see one. the surprise wasn't that i recognized at least one of them, but that it was a guy i had a crush on way back when who was one of the last people i would've thot would do porn (obviously, i did not kno him well enuf).

as you can see above, the movie was "seattle solo sessions" [link kinda nsfw] (volume 1, but i didn't see a volume 2 anywhere, so perhaps they were getting ahead of themselves), and his name was david. he was a couple years older than me and i think i knew him from freshman or sophomore year of college. nothing ever came of it, cuz he was mostly interested in tall white guys like himself, and i am not such a person, but he always seemed like a really nice guy.

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so, naturally, i was dying of curiosity. i won't pretend it's anything other than the fact that i want to see his dick and watch him jack off, because i can honestly think of no other reason for the curiosity. i mean, seriously, i couldn't make it happen in reality, so why not indulge my freshman self's fantasy as best i can? well, i didn't rent it then. but you can be sure that someday, i will.

postscript: here's a stranger article by adrian ryan about the (now-defunct?) company, gae boy video. read it because it's so true.

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