Sunday, March 05, 2006

oscars, quick picks

okay, rill quick, since i was too lazy to do this before and i have to do them now, before the oscars start...

picture: brokeback.
please, do you even need to ask a reason? this movie was great. yes, crash was also a good movie, but when it comes down to it, i think crash was too laid out and heavy-handed. i felt like it could have been more subtle. yes, i'll say it. i didn't like it because it was too accessible.

director: ang lee.
ang lee is an amazing director, and he did an amazing job with brokeback. this is a category that fernando meirelles should have also been nominated in. i liked the direction in constant gardener more than i did the direction in capote, munich, and good night, and good luck. yes, i did just say that. but he still wouldn't have beaten ang. go, ang, go! represent!

actor: heath ledger.
yeah, it'll probably be philip seymour hoffman, but when i watched capote, i felt like it was "acting," you kno? and don't get me wrong, i love hoffman's work in a lot of stuff, but capote just wasn't "best" for me. heath ledger's performance on the other hand was so much more, by being so much left. i wasn't watching heath ledger; i was watching ennis del mar. that last shot when he's looking at the shirts and the photo of brokeback and he says, "jack, i swear..." oh god, talking about it now makes me want to bawl. i have to say tho that this is probably the category with the most great nominations. all of the actors in this category did a really spectacular job.

actress: reese witherspoon.
i thot she was great in walk the line. a lot of people are pulling for felicity huffman, and i might have as well, but i haven't had a chance to see that movie, so i can't saw whether i liked her performance or not. the buzz is that reese'll take it and i can't argue with that.

supporting actor: jake gyllenhaal.
am i just picking people from brokeback? maybe. but i really do think it was the best performance. it wasn't really a supporting performance, but i wouldn't want them to be up against each other... in this way, anyways. thinking about jake's performance, the hope that he conveyed thru his character thruout the movie up until he... it was so good. matt dillon is great, but i think if matt dillon won an oscar, the world would implode. just kidding, i loved him in my bodyguard.

supporting actress: michelle williams.
okay, yes, i am just picking people from brokeback. people are saying rachel weisz is going to take this one, but i'm unconvinced. i love constant gardener and she was one of the best parts of that movie, but was it better than alma del mar's silent (well, mostly silent... jack nasty!) suffering? girl's come a long way from being the girl i didn't like on dawson's creek. hey, how weird is it now that katie holmes is the girl i don't like! actually, this category is hard to pick, cuz i loooved amy adams in junebug too. but i think perhaps the difficulty level was higher for michelle.

visual effects: king kong.
are you kidding me? hands down king kong. the ape was spectacularly animated. war of the worlds and narnia don't even compare (okay, aslan turned out better than i expected, but still). for serious.

original screenplay: crash.
this is tough, because i wanted to watch match point and the squid and the whale before i made a pick, but i didn't have the time. but out of the three i did watch, crash was definitely the one i liked most.

adapted screenplay: brokeback.
i've already talked about this one.

makeup: star wars.
narnia had some nice stuff going on, the white witch was great, but i think the work in star wars was better.

art direction: memoirs of a geisha.
no doubt, this movie was beautiful. harry potter was really cool too, but there's something about the exotic mystical environment that is asia that fascinates me (j/k).

original score: brokeback.
i mean, why not? actually, to be honest, i've watched too many of those brokeback parodies and the song no longer has the resonance with me that it did when i first watched the movie. but, if i remember back to that time, i definitely liked it more than most of the others. people say john williams is going to get it for geisha, and i don't doubt them, but personally, i liked brokeback better.

original song: it's hard out here for a pimp.
i don't even remember the crash song, and i haven't seen transamerica yet. i guess three 6 mafia get my pick by default.

live action short: ausreisser.
i haven't seen any of these cuz i haven't had the time, so randomly picked a name.

animated short: the moon and the son.
same reason as live action short.

animated feature: wallace and gromit.
i already talked about this one.

sound editing: war of the worlds.
i think this is the special sound effects category, and i thot the ones in war of the worlds was better than those in king kong. they stand out in my mind more anyways. but i feel like king kong's going to take this one anyways.

sound mixing: walk the line.
it made me like listening to country, so i'll pick it over the others. honestly, i don't kno what sound mixing is.

editing: constant gardener.
i'll give it to constant gardener where i can, but i have to say the editing was great for most of the other movies too. crash was really fantastic as well.

cinematography: brokeback mountain.
i'm sorry, but those vistas of the mountains, and the vast expanses of sky, and the composition of all the shots, it was all just so so beautiful. but then geisha was pretty too. i'm sure it was great in new world too, but i didn't watch that one. i'll just default on brokeback.

foreign language: paradise now.
i haven't seen any of these. i kno, i'm so bad. but paradise now is the one i most want to see. people are saying tsotsi is gonna win, but the movie just looks very unappealing to me.

documentary feature: march of the penguins.
i've only seen enron and penguins, and penguins was much better (tho enron was a very informative movie). i hear nothing but great things about murderball, and i'm very excited to go see darwin's nightmare, but i don't think anything will be able to beat the wonder that penguins was. did you see the hot french guys behind that movie? oo la la, indeed.

documentary short: god sleeps in rwanda.
i haven't seen any of these, but rwanda has the most powerful and striking name.

kimono design: geisha.
i didn't see any kimono in the other movies, so i don't think the others can beat geisha. actually, i loved the costumes in charlie too, but come on, the kimono in geisha was 80% of how beautiful that movie was.

okay, everyone have a good oscar day. i'll prob be back tomorrow to rant about how brokeback didn't win nearly as many as it should have, but hopefully, i won't. go go brokeback!

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