Monday, March 27, 2006

honolulu international guy

to the hot dude who was sitting near me in front of the bookstore (and the burger king) at the honolulu international airport.

i would like to thank you for helping me pass the time. a few minutes after i sat down with nothing much to do, you walked past me and sat a couple chairs down from me. you immediately caught my eye, your big brown eyes, your dark wavy hair hidden under your baseball cap, your simple gray long-sleeve, cargo shorts and flip-flop sandals outfit accented with that white band you wore somewhere between your wrist and your elbow. for two hours, we waited wordlessly for our respective flights, but while i was listening to music, you didn't look like you were doing anything. what were you thinking? where were you going? why didn't you wait at your gate instead of out here? me? i never wait at my gate. too many people. every now and then, i glanced over and took in the sight of you, and every now and then, were you glancing at me? i could see you thru the corner of my eye. we only exchanged eye contact briefly a few times, but i never wanted to linger. your big gay friend stopped by and gave you a bottle of rum. did you say you were going to maui? when a bunch of old ladies needed a block of seats, you moved over so they had them. how nice. when it was time for me to board, i got up and walked away with my bag. i turned back and saw you doing the same, but in the other direction. that was the end of it, but it was a lot of fun for two hours in which all i did was wait... i'm sure it would have been more fun if i'd said hi, but i just didn't have it in me. what did you expect? oh well, maybe next time.

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