Tuesday, November 08, 2005

vote for the monorail

people of seattle! why is the monorail up for a vote again!? this is fucking ridiculous! we've voted for it like four fucking times already! just build the god damned thing! if you haven't already voted (by absentee ballot or in person), go fill in that fucking YES circle, now! if this doesn't pass, there will be no monorail, and that pretty much sucks for everyone who's tired of our horrible traffic and our slow and inconvenient public transportation. i want a rapid transit system, dammit!

also, people of washington state! vote NO on that stupid tim eyman initiative 900. it's a waste of state money! why can't this fucker just go the fuck away? what is that fetish called where you get off on thinking up stupid initiatives and then attaching some sort of tax cut to it so that people will vote for it? we didn't want slot machines everywhere last year, and we don't want this shit this year. i hate tim eyman and his idiocy, and i wish i didn't have to hear his name every fucking year. please, tim, if you're listening, move to canada or something!

it's really up in the air with i-901, the smoking ban initiative. i think it goes too far in marginalizing the smoking population even more, and if i were a smoker, i'd be really vehemently against it. what do you mean i won't be able to smoke within 25 feet of not just the door, but any window or vent, of any public establishment? that's beyond stupid! where the hell am i going to smoke!? but then again, i'm not a smoker.

finally, people of king county! keep ron sims in the county executive job. he's doing a fine job, no matter what they say, and he supports the gays and their rights. and we all love the gays, right?

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