Tuesday, November 15, 2005

it's laundry day

on sunday, i went to see jason mraz in concert. it was awesome! he's great live, and i always enjoy myself a lot at his shows. but what i don't understand is what's up with the seats? i think this type of show is more enjoyable when everyone is on their feet and feeling the music. of course, a lot of people stood up anyways, and i certainly did too, since the people in front of us did (most of them anyways), even tho a couple poopers behind us kept telling us to sit down. what the fuck, you're at a concert, so why don't you just shut the fuck up. it was funny tho, cuz jason told everyone who was sitting down that they weren't really fans, and that they must be here with their friends who are. booyah fuckers! they stopped complaining after that.

jason played most of the songs i wanted to hear, but he didn't play the single! it's not as if it's the best song on the cd, but you'd think he would at least perform the single. i like the song a lot, but i guess i wouldn't have traded any of the other songs for it. well, he coulda played another couple songs, rite?

of course, it wasn't just jason that rocked. his lady friend tristan prettyman and british guy james blunt opened for him, and they were pretty awesome too. i admit, i missed most of tristan's performance, but i'd seen her earlier in the year at a smaller venue, and she sung beautifully then too. anyhow, great performances all around. unfortunately, we didn't do any mraz-hunting this time around, but we still have fond memories of meeting a drunk jason at a bar after a show last year.

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